Splošni pogoji poslovanja

General terms and condition valid for the bus service of DRD Turizem

Carier's rights and obligation:

  1. The carrier reserve the right, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations,for changes in timetables,use of substitute buses.If the timetable is changed, the passenger is entitled to the compensation of the fare or its part(in the case of a partly used tickets).
  2. The passengers are not entitled to any compensation for damage, if they were not transported in time due to a reason which was not caused by the carrier(e.g : a car accident, impassable highway, a disaster, or any other contingencies caused by force majeure).
  3. The passengers are obliged to present a valid transport document for the trip.
  4. The data on the transport document must correspond with the data in the passenger’s travel document.
  5. If the passengers do not present themselves for departure or miss the departure, they are not entitled to any refund of the fare.
  6. No fare is refunded for unused or partly used ticket.
  7. The passengers must put the contact number with country code when they made reservation.
  8. The carrier will not refund the money for No Show passengers , cancel ticket 24 hours before departure.